Know How To Fray The Bottom Of Your Jeans In Easy Steps

how to fray bottom of jeans

Do you have a unique design style in your mind and desperately you want to try it on your denim? Frankly speaking, the design on denims has changed a lot as the time passed by.

It all started with plain jeans, and evolved as ripped jeans in the middle and now the latest fashion is the frayed jeans.

But what if you do not have a frayed jeans and you have an exciting party right on next week? Do you have to wear your old-fashioned jeans, or you can fray your old denim to the new and exciting fray design? The answer is, yes! You can!

I am here to help you to know the methods of how to fray bottom of jeans in easy and simple steps. Go through this article to know the secrets of fraying jeans right at your home!

How To Fray Bottom Of Jeans

Can you fray jeans? If you are a fashion-freak, and if you want to wear jeans which are latest in fashion, I am sure that this question definitely has aroused in your mind. To answer this question, you can easily fray your normal jeans by cutting the bottom of jeans.

Cut And Fray Jeans
Cut And Fray Jeans

How To Cut And Fray Jeans

Follow the steps written below to cut and fray your denim jeans in 5 minutes.

  1. Cut the hem out

Measure your jeans to mark what length you want of your jeans and mark the point with a marker. Then cut the bottom hem out using a scissor.

  • Loosen the threads

Once you cut the bottom hem out, take a scissor and run it in opposite direction to the threads. This will loosen the threads.

  • Rub the threads

Once you get enough grains, rub the threads well to make the frays visible. This action will make the bottom hem full of frays.

  • Wash and wear

Once you get enough frays and you’re satisfied with the new look of your jeans, wash it, dry it, and wear.

How To Fray Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are the casual wears of utmost comfort. These shorts are simultaneously fashionable and easy to get.

fray jeans too beautiful
fray jeans too beautiful

But if you have a jean shorts and if you want to make it a frayed one to match the latest trends in fashion, let me tell you that you do not have to take it to any tailor. You can do it by your own, sitting at your own room! You will only need a scissor, and a sandpaper.

How to fray cut off jeans

  1. Take your cut off jeans.
  2. If there is no cuts on the legs, make some small cuts using a scissor.
  3. Rub the cuts well to take the frays out and visible.
  4. Wash the shorts and wear.

How To Fray Jeans With Sandpaper

  1. Take your jean shorts.
  2. Make some small cuts on a single side of the legs.
  3. Rub the cuts using a sandpaper to make the frays visible.
  4. Wash and wear.

Note that, you can cut the bottom hem of the jean shorts too, and use the sandpaper to rub it to make the frays visible.

You can try different kind of frays by cutting the bottom of the jeans into thin and parallel frays and rub them with sandpapers to look it more fashionable.

You can use the sandpaper to rub the jeans to make it frayed in other kind of jeans too, like narrow, or full length jeans.

make fray jeans
make fray jeans

What Tool Do You Use To Fray Jeans?

The professional designers or the manufacturers of frayed jeans use a lot tools to make a frayed jeans, but if you are fraying your own jeans at your own home, you will need only –

  1. A measuring tape to measure the jeans and mark the cutting point.
  2. A marker to mark the cutting point from where you want to cut the bottom hem out.
  3. A scissor to cut the jeans.
  4. A sandpaper to rub the jeans to make the frays visible.


1.How to fray stretch jeans hem?

Decide what should be the length of the jeans, mark it with fabric marker, put the jeans on floor with the back and front hem line up, measure the jeans from the bottom hem to the mark, make a cut at the mark and cut the bottom part of the jeans out, loose the threads of the raw jeans hem by a scissor by running it opposite to the grains, and once you’re done with this, pull the threads to fray them. Repeat this process at the other leg, wash the jeans, and wear.

2.How do I make the bottom of my jeans frayed?

You have to cut the bottom hem out and loose the grains by using a scissor. Once the threads become loose, pull them to fray.

fray stretch jeans hem
fray stretch jeans hem

3.How do you fray jeans at an angle?

Cut out the bottom of the jeans, rub the bottom part to make the frays out, then make some cuts at an angle at the bottom of the jeans, and then rub it again. Finally wash to finish the process and wear.

4.How to fray bottom of skinny jeans?

Measure the length, then make cuts in the upper direction from the bottom of the jeans to make thin and parallel frays. Rub it to look like uneven frays. Wash and wear.

you fray jeans at an angle
you fray jeans at an angle

To Wrap It Up

These were the easy and simple methods to fray all kind of denims sitting at your home. Now fray your denims and be the owner of a new wardrobe full of jeans which are new and latest trend in fashion. All the best!

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