Best Tips On How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover can be sometimes harsh on the nails and skin which is why you should know about the best alternative items that you can use to remove your nail polish.

Acetone is the traditional way of removing old chipping nail paint from the fingers. But as acetone is highly dangerous for the stomach, you need to look for a DIY alternative on how to take off acrylics without acetone. As nail paint removers are drying and harmful, you can try other homemade or DIY nail paint remover to get off your nail polish

Here we’ve discussed some of the best methods that can help you to know about how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover.

Best Ways To Avoid Nail Polish Remover

Although nail polish remover does a quick and easy job in chipping off the nail paints from your fingers, those chemicals are harmful to your delicate skin.

There are many alternatives available that can work if you want to know about how to take off nail paint without nail polish remover. These alternatives are free of acetone which is why it is also considered gentler on the skin.

Here are a few alternatives to nail polish remover that you can try if you’re wondering how to get nail polish off without using remover.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover
How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover
  • Use alcohol: You can rub alcohol on your fingernails using a cotton ball to remove nail paints. If you don’t want to use actual acetone, you can try to use alcohol directly on your finger to get rid of nail paint. You’ve to leave the cotton pad or ball that’s soaked in alcohol on the nail for a few seconds to rub it back and forth.
  • Hairspray: It might sound unreal, but you can use hairspray to remove the nail polish from your finger. But you should know that the hairspray should be an aerosol spray to remove nail paints.
  • Lemon: Surprisingly, plain lemon juice can act as a nail polish remover too. You need to place a slice of lemon on your fingernail and wait for a few minutes for it to sit. The nail polish will ultimately soften which is when you’ll need to rub it off.

DIY Nail Polish Remover Making

If you’re wondering about how to remove nail polish without a remover, you can make your own homemade nail polish remover that you can use to get off the nail paint.

Here are a few DIY Nail polish remover recipes that you can try out at home if you’re concerned about how to make nail polish remover at home .

  • Vinegar and lemon juice mixture: You’ve to make some four tablespoons of vinegar and some lemon juice to mix in a bowl. You’ve to soak your nails in the solution for a few minutes and then wipe it off gently with cotton balls.
  • Hydrogen peroxide remedy: You can use hydrogen peroxide with hot water to get rid of nail paints if you’re thinking about how to make homemade nail polish remover.

You’ve to take two parts of peroxide and equal parts of water in a bowl. Soak the fingernails in the solution and wipe the nail paints off with a cotton pad.

  • Try another nail polish: If you want to know how to make nail polish remover at home without using vinegar, you should know you don’t have to make one. It may sound crazy, but you can remove your nail paint from your fingers using another nail polish. Apply a coating, let the solvent in the nail polish do its job to soften the nail paint. Use paper towels to wipe it off after it gets softened.
  • White vinegar solution mixed with orange juice:You can mix white vinegar solution with a few equal amounts of orange juice to create a healthy nail polish remover at home. You can apply it to your nails and then remove the paint using cotton balls.

Things To Remember Will Using DIY Nail Polish Removing Techniques

Benefits Of Using DIY Nail Polish Remover
Benefits Of Using DIY Nail Polish Remover

While you’re trying on the different homemade nail polish remover, there are a few things that you should know about these techniques.

  • Some of the homemade nail polish remover may not work very efficiently to remove the polish properly as they are homemade and don’t contain acetone.
  • These techniques can take a little while to work properly. You may have to use some of these recipes on a single finger more than once to remove the paint totally.
  • You must take good care of your nails after using the paint removers by applying moisturizer to avoid dryness and to keep them healthy and shiny-looking.

Correct Nail Polish Removing Technique

If you’re wondering how to remove nail polish easily off your fingers, you should know that it’s not always what you apply to the nail paint, but it’s how you apply it. If you don’t use the nail polish removers correctly, the nail paints won’t come off easily. This technique also comes in handy when you’re giving yourself a manicure at home.

  • Use a cotton swab or cotton ball and soak it in the homemade nail polish remover.
  • Apply it to the nail and let it sit down for a few seconds. You can gently wipe it back and forth.
  • As it starts to soften the nail paint, use cotton balls dipped in warm water to remove and wipe off the paint.

Alternative Of Acetone To Take Off Nails

If you’re hooked up thinking about how to take off acrylics without acetone, here are a few alternatives that you can try out. The chemicals that are generally used to take off acrylic nails are harsh on the skin. It’s not necessary to use acetones to remove acrylics always.

  • You can use soy-based removers that are free of acetones. It’s a gentler option that may take some more time to remove the nail paint completely from your nails.
  • You can also use warm water to take the acrylics off. Although it takes more than twenty minutes to get rid of the acrylics using warm water, it’s the delicate option that doesn’t harm your skin at all. All you need to do is soak your nails in lukewarm water for fifteen to twenty minutes and you can try removing them as soon as it’s starting to loosen up.
  • Toothpaste can also work to remove acrylic nails. Although it may not right away remove the nail, it’s free of acetone.
  • You can remove dip nails by using baking soda too. Apply it on the acrylics and wait for a few minutes. You can gently remove them after they start to loosen up.
  • Using white vinegar solution can also help you get rid of acrylics. As it doesn’t contain acetone, you need to wait for some time for it to start working.

Benefits Of Using DIY Nail Polish Remover

There are several benefits of using a home nail polish remover. Here are a few benefits that you should know about.

DIY Nail Polish Remover Making
DIY Nail Polish Remover Making
  • As the DIY nail paint removers are free of acetones, it prevents the use of harsh chemicals on the skin.
  • The non-alcoholic homemade nail polish removers prevent the breakage and discoloration of nails, it’s the healthier option.
  • The harsh chemicals of the nail paint removers can dry up the skin and dehydrate the nail plate.
  • Using homemade remover is a cheaper as well as safer option to avoid discoloration of nails due to the use of harmful chemicals.

Caring For Nails After Removing Nail Polish

After removing the nail polish off the nails it is necessary to keep them healthy and shiny. Often the use of chemical or alcohol-based removers can dry up the nail plate and cause the area to dehydrate.

Here are a few tips to care for your nails post removing nail polish.

  • Wash your hands immediately using a non-alcoholic hand wash.
  • You can apply cuticle oil to the nail area.
  • Moisturize the fingers and hands to avoid them looking dehydrated.
  • It’s also important to keep the nails in good shape.


1.How do you remove nail polish naturally?

You can mix lemon juice with vinegar and then apply it as a nail paint remover.

2.How does hand sanitizer remove nail polish?

As hand sanitizer contains alcohol, rubbing it can remove nail polish easily.

3.Can toothpaste take off nail polish?

Toothpaste is an effective household item that you can use to get your nail paint off your fingers.


The commercial nail polish removers contain harsh chemicals that are not very gentle for the skin. Even the main chemical of acetone in these removers is very harmful if it’s ingested. Therefore, it’s healthier, safer and of course cheaper to use homemade nail polish removers like alcoholic sanitizer, lemon juice, vinegar, etc.

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