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Best Tricks For Knowing How To Plop Hair

Do you know plopping? How to plop hair?

Those who don’t want their curls to be smooth and defined while your hair is wet is likely something you’ve already noticed; but, when your hair is dry, things are a little more complicated. Not only do you lose the definition of your curls, but you also become more prone to frizz. 

If you have straight hair and have never tried plopping, you’ve been missing out on some of the best hair days of your freaking’ life.

It was plopping curly hair, which is the process of employing a particular drying method to improve your wet curls and reduce frizz/flyaways as they dry, that not only helped to give my fine, flat hair a significant amount of volume but also to make my curls appear consistently defined.

What Is Plopping Your Hair
What Is Plopping Your Hair

What you do to your hair in the transitional period between its wet and dry stages is critical to having a nice hair day, which brings us to the plopping technique for curly hair.

Although it is true that plopping takes a little bit of practice at first, I can assure you that the final results are well worth any possible trial and error on your part.

So, this article is for those of you who are new to plopping and are wondering what the heck it is all about and how long do you plop your hair for!

What Is Plopping Your Hair?

Plopping your hair is the process of wrapping your damp hair in a cotton t-shirt in such a manner that your natural curl pattern is preserved. When drying your hair, it is important to maintain its natural pattern and avoid it from being stretched out.

Plopping is often done after a shower while the hair is still damp. Many of us who have naturally wavy hair will find that our hair becomes quite wavy while in the shower.

How Long Should I Plop My Hair

Our waves, on the other hand, may become very flat if we just walk out of the shower and do nothing further with our hair, particularly around the roots of our hair. In certain instances, it may flatten to the point that it seems straight – particularly if we brush or comb our hair at the same time.

This occurs as a result of the weight of the water in our hair weighing down our hair before it has a chance to dry completely. It is because of this that our roots may be the flattest that we have the most weight on them.

Consequently, plopping is what we do in order to attempt to mitigate this impact and prevent our curl pattern from being stretched out while it is drying.

How Long Should I Plop My Hair?

Plop your hair for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. After removing the towel, you have the option of allowing your hair to air dry naturally or using a diffuser to speed up the process. You may also leave your hair in a bun overnight so that you wake up with beautiful coils.

How Long Do You Plop Your Hair For?

Ensure that your hair is piled high on top of your head. Use a t-shirt instead of a polo shirt and fold the bottom of the shirt over your head in the same fashion.

How To Plop Hair In T-shirt
How To Plop Hair In T-shirt

Pull the sleeves in front of your face and wrap them around your head to complete the look. Pull the sleeves together and tie a knot at the back of your head to hold everything in place.

How To Plop Hair In T-shirt?

Accordingly, depending on the product you’re using, there are a few different ways to plop your hair in place. I’ve experimented with all three, and I’ve discovered that wearing a T-shirt—specifically, a big long-sleeved T-shirt—produces the simplest, most consistent results.

 Following this logic, here’s how to plop curly hair in the right place:

  • Purchase a large T-shirt for yourself. A cotton T-shirt with long sleeves in an XXL. I use this Soffe Men’s Shirt, which is available for the ridiculously cheap price of $9. 
  • Lie your T-shirt upside down—with the sleeves and neck hole closest to you—on either your bathroom counter, a chair, or the top of your toilet lid (hey, I did this throughout college and didn’t have any problems). 
  • When you’re through bathing and applying stylers (particularly those that are often used on your sopping-wet hair, such as leave-in conditioner or gel), turn your wet hair over and into the middle of your T-shirt, pushing your head down on the curls like an accordion.
  • Maintaining the upside-down position of your head and hair, reach up and grasp the bottom of the shirt, folding it over your hair/head (so that it touches the nape of your neck and is fully concealing your hair). You’re essentially constructing a little protective bag around your curls to keep them safe.
  • Holding the shirt’s edges at the nape of your neck, grasp the sleeves at your forehead and pull them together to tighten the “bag” around your head. 
  • Wrap the twisted sleeves over your head and knot them in place to prevent the shirt from sliding down your back or slipping off your shoulders. It’s a good sign if you appear like you’re wearing some kind of wet helmet; it means you accomplished everything properly.
  • All of your curls will remain neatly snuggled on the top of your head, similar to a cluster of compressed Slinkies, enabling them to dry in their natural shape, unaffected by the effects of gravity, humidity, or the roughness of a towel. This means that by the time you remove the shirt from your head, your curls will have already begun to dry with improved definition and volume, and none of the frizz will be there.

How Long Should I Plop My Wavy Hair?

Plopping wavy hair is a simple method that anybody can use. The majority of individuals drop their hair on their pillow at night and leave it there to dry till the next morning. Another group of people plops down quickly for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Is It Okay To Leave Your Hair In A Bun Overnight?

Plopping is a technique that was created by the naturally curl group to aid in the development of curls and the prevention of frizz during the drying process.

Sleeping in a plop will keep your curls in plopping overnight, preventing them from drying out all nasty and odd if you move about in your sleep when you’re restless.

What Exactly Does “Wet Plopping” Imply?

Wet plopping is the process of wrapping wet hair in a towel and twisting it on top of your head in a manner that promotes definition. This is accomplished via the use of a microfibre towel or hair wrap. While it may seem like you’re scrunching your hair, you’re really utilizing the towel to assist form your strands of hair.

Does Plopping Work On Straight Hair?

The plopping technique may be used to dry tight curls and coils so that they are soft and frizz-free after they are dried. Plopping may provide volume and lift to the top of the head for individuals with loose curls or waves.

Those with straight hair may also participate in the fun since plopping can give those strands a natural bend without the need for a curling iron or rollers.

What Can I Do To Make My Wavy Hair Seem Better?

  • Try sleeping with a satin pillowcase for a change
  • The shower is the first point for beautiful hair! 
  • Hydrate, hydrate, and more hydration.
  • After your shower, apply a nutritious leave-in product to your skin.
  • Using a broad tooth comb or your fingers, detangle damp hair.
  • Do not ruffle your hair with your normal bath towel!

How To Plop Hair?

  1. Do not be concerned about purchasing a particular scarf or towel in order to learn the plopping technique. Any soft, rectangular-shaped cloth may be found around the home, such as a stretchy, long-sleeved t-shirt, a jersey pillowcase (king size), or a big cotton handkerchief.
  2. In order to avoid frizz, you should choose a soft substance that will not scrape the surface of your hair strands. Because one of the benefits of hair plopping is that it may assist with frizzy hair issues, this is not a good idea.
  3. Starting with clean, wet hair, work your preferred curly hairstyle product through the lengths of your hair, working your way up to the crown. Then, using a microfiber or jersey towel, gently wipe your curly hair to eliminate any extra water that has accumulated.
  4. Place your piece of cloth on a flat surface, such as your bed, and iron it. Choose a long-sleeved shirt and arrange it so that the sleeves are facing you.
  5. Afterward, lean down and gently drop your hair onto the cloth, aiming the top of your head toward the middle of the fabric. Your curls should also be able to flow out onto the cloth.
  6. Once your crown makes contact with the cloth, wrap the fabric over your crimped hair to hold it in place. Fold the back of the material around your neck to keep it in place. Pulling each edge inward and rolling it up once or twice will help the cloth fit more tightly around your hair.
  7. Now it’s time to tie up any loose ends. Continue to grasp each side (or sleeve) and cross them behind your neck to finish. Wrap them around your forehead one more time to form a final knot.
  8. Lifting your head back up and tucking any dangling fabric under the sides will allow you to feel more comfortable in your fabric placement.
  9. Allow your curls to set for at least 20 minutes to get the greatest effects. If you have the luxury of extra time, you may keep the t-shirt on overnight.
  10. By compressing the curls, the secured fabric may assist them in drying into curly hair that has a beautiful body and shape—all without the danger of frizzy hair developing. Trying hair plopping for the first time and seeing the results for yourself will change your mind forever.
  11. You may use one of these overnight techniques for drying curly hair if you wash your hair at night and aren’t interested in staying up to plop, but you don’t want to wake up with a bedhead that’s mainly frizzy hair.
How To Plop Hair
How To Plop Hair

What Is The Best Way To Make My Short Hair Curly?

  • Reduce the number of times you wash your hair.
  • Allowing your hair to dry naturally is recommended.
  • Use a sea salt spray to deodorize.
  • Make use of a Heat Curler.
  • Curl-Enhancing Products should be used.
  • Selecting the Appropriate Haircut
  • Take a Perm.
  • Apply Moroccan Oil on your skin.

Should You Include Products For Hair Plopping Before And After?

If you place a high value on volume, adding items after you launch may help you achieve your goal. In order to get the effects you want, applying your products before you plop will be more effective if you like the definition or want to prevent frizz as much as possible.

Wet styling refers to the process of applying products to wet hair, while damp styling refers to the process of applying products after your hair has dried a little.

If you apply products for hair plopping before and after, referred to as wet styling while using products after plopping is referred to as damp styling. If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages and disadvantages of damp versus wet style, I’ve written a whole article on it.

What Are The Advantages Of Plopping?

  • T-shirts will absorb moisture without causing frizz while your hair is drying, which will substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. 
  • Curlies rejoice since we all know how long drying can take! A T-shirt or towel will also aid in the absorption of any excess product, ensuring that your curls do not get hard and crunchy.
  • If you have fine hair or looser waves, plopping may help to raise the roots of your hair since your hair is drying on top of your head rather than being weighted down by the product. 
  • Furthermore, if your waves or curls tend to vanish or seem limp on certain days, scrunching up the curls as they dry can improve your curl pattern by creating a more defined pattern.


Occasionally, plopping allows items from the ends of your hair to come into contact with your scalp. If the components in your style irritate your hair, this may result in an itchy scalp.

I hope you have understood how plopping overnight enables me to create damp style and adds root volume. However, determining how long do, you plop your hair required some trial and error.

If I flop for an insufficiently long or too long period of time, I do not get the desired effects. If you decide to give plopping a try, I would be cautious about how long to plop hair

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