Ideas To Style The Best College Outfit For Girls

college girl outfits

College life is a robust stage for young women. They pass out of high school, entering a world of independence and exploration. Girls present their confidence in the fashion choice they make, as they enter campus grounds. Here are some college girl outfits ideas.

College is a gateway to visit places and make new friends. It can be quite difficult to pick the right outfit for everywhere you go and meet. We’re here to answer some of your basic questions so you can choose the perfect dress to impress!

What Kind Of Clothes Should I Wear To College?

The eventful life of college sends girls to many places for various occasions. Hence, it depends on the location, and the people you meet to choose your outfit for the day.

Some primary college outfits for your basic outdoor college  activities are :

  • Classic Tees.
  • Cute Tops.
  • Sweaters.
  • Pairs of Black leggings.
  • Pairs of good walking shoes.
  • Blazers.
  • Kurtas.
  • Leggings.
  • Accessories . Earrings and anklets  are the most common among Indian girls.

What To Wear For A College Orientation ?

First impressions are the foundation for one’s social life in college. We know the dilemma you might be facing, on top of the anxiety of your first orientation! While the pressure is real, we got you covered with how to get the perfect college look.

  • 1.Be Unique –Nothing screams unique than to stand out among your freshmen on your first day. Pair two pieces with unique patterns , or try out a new formal dress  that you bought and have been too afraid to put on. Now is the time!
  • 2. Comfort matters –First days give us nervous jitters.So,  we have to feel comfortable throughout the day. We always welcome new outfits to impress  , but keep it comfortable.Stick to pants or trousers , rather than skirts.
  • 3. Stride with class –While comfort is the way to ease the pressure of your orientation day , do keep it elegant. Its  time you look the maturity you gained , with entering  you are , and comfort in style.
  • 4. Accessorize It- Whether you’re  prepared in the perfect trendy dress  , or grabbing a last minute tshirt , accessories will enhance anything you wear.From uni-coloured scarfs , to  bold earrings, make your appearance embellished in perfection.
college girl outfits
college girl outfits

How To Style A Shirt In Different Ways


  • The classic white shirt : Reverting to our list of basic essentials , white shirts come in most handy for a quick formal outfit change. Pairing it with a blazer or a tie completes our office- attire look.
  • Full Button-downed college shirt -They give you a complete professional attire with their thick collars. Par them with a neat Pencil skirt.


  • The casual let-down shirt – Pairing them with jeans , gives  a  simple and decent look to go out with your friends.
  • The hipster checkered shirt – Girls pull off the nerdy look  with checkered shirts , in their book club or libraries visits.

 Popular College Girl Outfits, Trending in 2021

2021 has not seen the light of campus days and attending classes beyond online. However, when colleges reopen, meeting friends and professors in person will be more exciting when you dress the occasion.

Stay trendy, and up-to-date with 2021 fashion for your college-

  • Shoulder Pads. – Blazers and shirts are bolder with shoulder pads on. Choose sombre  colours , like .Blue, Black, Beige, Tan. , to look confident amidst a pandemic.
  • Head Scarves – Outfits are fashionable , but scarfs make them even better. Pair yours with Khaki, Floral, or Cheetah printed scarves.
  • Black Face-Masks.- Never forget the wardrobe essential in our present lives , the mask. Black masks go with any outfit you wear. It looks bold while keeping you safe.
  • Pastel Tones –  Pastels are heavenly to the eyes. Soothe into your Bodysuit or Dress  with the prettiest pastel colours , like mauve and baby-blue.
  • Yellow Add-Ons.- Yellow is symbolic of hope, which we all long for today. The bright colour is a perfect add on to your accessories like your purse , or glasses.
college girl outfits
college girl outfits
  • Fringe Handbags.- Frills never go out of style. Carry fringe handbags to give yourself a chic 2021 look.

8 College Girl Outfits For 8 Occasions

The happening life of college gives girls a new world to explore. We have to customize our closets with the places we visit. That sounds quite the struggle, doesn’t it? Let us get you through 8 common college events, where you can flaunt your style every time.

Film/ Concert Festival  -Being amidst people, dancing and singing their hearts out, is an elevating experience. Energize yourself with your spunkiest lace dresses, paired with embroidered denim jackets for the extra kick. Go comfortable sneakers, as you might wear your feet out from all the dancing.

  • Small/ Large gathering of friends – Evening conversations on the campus  after  long days of classes lift our spirits up. Lift them higher by changing into a comfortable kurta and a pair of earrings.
  • TED Talks / Lectures – Dull it down to your basics , while still keeping it classy with jeans and a shirt , on your quest for knowledge.
  • Stylish Parties – They are your time to shine  in your brightest evening-wear. A shine of your sequined dress stands out on a Friday night bar. Catch eyes and stand taller with a perfect pair of red heels.
  • Formal gatherings are where Shirts and Pencil skirts are your go- to. Impress  your professors and notable figures around you.
  • Graduation day – The last day of your college is emotional to the core. While our black gowns hide our sadness , we will rejuvenate them in our farewells with colourful  sundresses , or the happiest trousers and geeky t-shirt you own.
  • Poetry/ Debate competitions – Competitions are always nerve-racking. Don’t let the fear get the better of you. Be comfortable in your shoes , and confident in your attire. Casual blazers and platform heels would do the job perfectly .
  • Sport events – Layering your onesies with a pair of shorts , and knee-high socks and sneakers would make for the perfect way to hit the field . Wear Jerseys for the team you are supporting , paired with a cute cap.

Different College Girl Dressing Styles

  • The Nerdy Style dominates the intellectual community , where girls pair their cute glasses with comfortable skirts and blazers. They carry  cute backpacks for their books.
  • The tom-boy Style draws inspiration from menswear , where baggy clothes , and sporty sneakers go best with a tom-boy’s effortless personality.
  • The pixie- girl trope is inspired by rom-coms , similar to the hipster style , where cotton dresses and beanies make-up the look.
college girl outfits
college girl outfits
  • The fashionista is among all of us , standing out with her eye-catching dressing sense. You can always be one by keeping up with the latest trends , from boot-cuts , to off shoulder dresses. They never go out of style.
  • Vintage Style is a flashback to the trends from medieval to classic golden times. With sombre colour schemes of beige and woodlore on your cozy sweaters and ankle boots , make you vintage in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to own shirts for college?

In fashion, it’s a given fact that shirts are the marker of formal attire. College entails a lot of formal events , like presenting papers , meetings with professors and attending a student conference. However, shirts for girls can also be used informally. That’s where the beauty of styling lies.

How should girls dress for college in India?

A stigma on the way young women dress in India has been existed for centuries. From the petty male gaze to the judgemental society, girls have found it difficult to dress comfortably, without thinking over it.

We suggest to you to go against all odds,  express yourself in your own fashion. College life is liberating, and none should question the way you look. Explore Indian fashion in all its beauty for your college wear, and be confident.

How should I  dress in College-styled  Traditional attire?

The conservative side of India doesn’t overshadow our incredible culture. Our traditional attires are one-of-a-kind. Explore the elegance in basics of some Indian traditional outfits you can wear

  • 1. Kurta with jeans

Even the most primary Indian attire screams elegance with this unique pairing. Mix and match colors to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

  • 2. Long Skirts

Intricate traditional patterns on your long trailed skirts are eye-catching. It can highlight your simple t-shirt.

  • 3. Palazzo Pants
college girl outfits
college girl outfits

These loose, airy trousers open up your spirits, and make for the perfect summer wear, with the added comfort of a simple top and nice accessory.

  • 4. Kurti With Patiala

The classic Punjabi attire is also a must-wear for girls, on formal college occasions.

  • 5. Kurti with Simple Salwar

The salwar is the quintessential traditional wear for Indian girls. Flaunting dupattas in neat pleats, as the elegant Tamil Nadu-inspired attire is a favorite among Indian girls for college.

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