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Is Pandora Jewelry Real? Pandora Jewelry Guide:

Pandora, popularly known for its unique collection of charms is one of the world’s largest jewelry brands. Undoubtedly, it has a huge devoted following and the most demanding collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

The best quality jewelry at a very affordable price is here, said by Pandora’s loyal fan base. And if you are on the hunt for new pieces or buying your first piece, but confused is Pandora jewelry real then this read is for you.

Do you know that Pandora launched its patented charm bracelet for the very first time in 2000? After which a new way to personalize your jewelry came in. Where the company allowed its customers to go with different combinations of charms.

The combinations include different materials along with adding some fresh designs. Customers were allowed to get their bracelet ready with precious gems, semi-precious stones, and also a variety of motifs.

But still, people are confused- is Pandora jewelry real or not. Let’s find out what’s and why the hype in this guide.

Some Standout Features Of Pandora:

As the brand claims that the material they use in their jewelry piece is of very high quality, and is hand-finished. Also,  every piece had to pass through an average of 30 pairs of hands while manufacturing.

The best collection is said to be the collectible charm bracelets that Pandora offers and you will find a number of happy customers all over the globe.

pandora bracelets silver
pandora bracelets silver

Even people started buying these Pandora charms to commemorate various events and occasions.

Jewelry pieces like Pandora sterling silver bracelets are made up of high-quality sterling silver. Also, the gold used in their jewelry is 14k or 18k solid gold.

As said, the brand is known for its unique collection, you will not find two jewels the same, as they are hand-made by an excellent unit of craftsmanship.

The casting technique used by Pandora is the lost wax casting technique. Using these techniques the company creates minimalist and elaborate designs.

But glass jewelry charms can’t be prepared using this technique, so they use the flame-working or lampworking technique.

Best Pandora Products:

With unique charm and amazing design, Pandora jewels are undoubtedly meant to reflect and give a new shine to your ever-evolving style.

As the requirement differs the jewelry charms also come in different designs and themes. This is why there’s a wide variety of unique earrings, necklaces, and bracelets designed by Pandora.

Pandora jewelry is not just ornaments but also symbolizes purity and is used to celebrate special life events. Its huge collection attracts almost every age group, thus making it a good gifting item.

Two Of Its Most Popular Jewelry Pieces Are-

  • Pandora sterling silver charm bracelet:

This is one of the best jewelry pieces that Pandora offers, you can excitingly express your style through this bracelet. The design has an openwork charm to hearts, embedded with precious colorful stones. You know what’s more exciting than this Pandora also boasts its dream-character charms, whimsical Mickey, and Minnie Mouse for a playful design.

pandora sterling silver bracelets
pandora sterling silver bracelets

If you trust Zodiac Signs then this bracelet can add good luck to your life. Pandora has a Chinese Zodiac Sign collection that features charms from Chinese Tiger to Rooster, Dog, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Rabbit.

  • Hogwarts charm by Pandora:

Yes, apart from the charms and good luck designs Pandora also has a wide range of women’s jewelry that comes with unique collaborations.

This includes Pandora and Harry Potter, Pandora and Star Wars and Pandora and Disney. Also, Pandora purity rings come with such interesting charms after a huge demand by their customers.

Why Pandora Jewelry Gained Huge Popularity?

Very few jewelry brands are able to gather loyal fans and Pandora is one of them. The concept of unique jewelry items like charm bracelets and good luck designs became easier.

This made customers keep on returning to the store to check fresh arrivals for different occasions.

For example, When you visit any Pandora store located on a cruise ship the collection they carry along mostly has a cruise-themed charm.

Is all Pandora jewelry real?
Is all Pandora jewelry real?

And of course, these pieces will hold some beautiful memories to make your trip special. Pandora’s marketing strategy is undoubtedly the best to stay at the top.

The targeted customers are mostly women, with the age group 20 to 40. The collections they have are like messages that can add documents in life.

Pandora Jewelry Quality:

Pandora uses a wide range of materials and precious gemstones to craft its jewelry pieces. And claim to have the best quality materials in their units.

Some gemstones that they use to design their pieces are quartz, diamonds, topaz, organic gems, cultured pearls, glass pieces, and also lab-made stones.

To be more clear, here’s a detailed report-


Pandora bracelets silver uses the best quality sterling silver, a type of alloy having 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% copper or any other material. A report says around 88% of total silver used by the company in the year 2019 came from recycling.

Some of the jewelry pieces have an oxidized finish, to give a vintage look. Also, the brand uses rhodium plating (black plating) to prevent some of the sterling silver pieces from tarnishing.

Apart from this, the best thing that Pandora does is never add a nickel to their jewelry pieces. That means people allergic to nickel can also wear this.


Previously, Pandora used natural gemstones, but now the brand only uses synthetic crystals in their jewelry pieces. Customers who bought Pandora jewelry in the year 2018 and before have original gemstones embedded.

are pandora rings real diamonds
are pandora rings real diamonds

If you have confusion that are pandora rings real diamonds or any of its jewelry pieces have real diamonds embedded then no it’s not. The only natural gemstone that Pandora uses in a few of its collections is quartz and everything else is lab prepared.

Pandora also incorporates cultured pearls passed in their quality test and are carefully picked for specific size and color as required.

Synthetic Stones

To make its jewelry pieces affordable and unique Pandora also uses a variety of lab-prepared stones like crystal, cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby, and synthetic sapphire.

Now, you know the quality, but have you ever thought about its life? Well, if yes, then here’s what you should know-

Does Pandora Jewelry Tarnish With Time?

Well, it’s not just Pandora, all sterling silver jewelry tarnishes over time, and there’s a need for periodic polishing to maintain its shine. Cleaning can be done with a soft brush and specific cleaner only as prescribed by the retailer.

Apart from this, other jewelry pieces having gold plating and an oxidized layer fades naturally.

pandora purity ring
pandora purity ring

The duration varies with the way you use and take care of it. Some of the most common fading boosters are-  perfumes, lotions, and chlorine.

However, everything depends on its authenticity, so, here’s-

How To Identify Real Pandora Jewelry?

Whenever there’s a prominent brand there’s a fake like original in the market. So, it’s always recommended to buy any Pandora jewelry pieces from certified Pandora retailers only.

Well, there are methods to identify whether the Pandora jewelry is real or not with the help of some key markings or stamps.

The brand has a standard mark of “ALE ” on its jewelry pieces which stands for Algot Enevoldsen the founder.

Pandora jwelery
Pandora jewelry

However, there are some small pieces like the pandora purity ring where giving a mark will hamper the product finish, but don’t worry the verified retailer will confirm the authenticity in no one.

Similarly, there’s a mark of “G” followed by the gold content which indicates the purity of gold. For example, 18k or 75% pure gold comes with the stamp mark “G750” and 14k or 58.5% pure gold comes with the mark “G585.” Like this, you identify the purity of gold used.

That’s all about Pandora jewelry and hidden facts that you must know before buying.

Now, it’s time to have a look at some of the most common questions that people have-


Does Pandora Sell Fake Jewelry?

Anything like a fake product or product violation happens online only. But, Pandora never sells fake jewelry and you can blindly trust any of its jewelry pieces bought from Pandora retailers.

If you find any fraud websites selling fake Pandora products then you can report this to Pandora support through mail or over a call.

Is All Pandora Jewelry Real?

Well, Pandora always provides real jewelry to its customers. The company produces a variety of unique and high-quality hand-finished modern jewelry.

Also, the jewelry pieces are made up of quality tested materials, which include 14k or 18k gold and solid sterling silver.

You will also receive a confirmation that the gemstones and cultured pearls used to add sparkle and color are original.

Is Pandora diamonds real?

Previously it was, but recently world’s biggest jeweler, Pandora, announced that they will no longer be selling mined diamonds. A report says that they will now switch to fully finished laboratory-made diamonds.

Does Pandora Sell Real Silver?
Does Pandora Sell Real Silver?

When asked for the reason, they clearly mentioned that this new initiative has been taken as a concern to the environment and also to working practices in the mining industry.

Is Pandora Jewelry high-quality?

It’s not about pure gold or pure silver, but whatever Pandora uses in its jewelry is undoubtedly best in quality. However, people think it’s among the mid-quality line.

Although they provide the best, some of the pieces come with gold-plated silver and have the quality of everything else. You better know how long these plating stays.

Does Pandora Sell Real Silver?

A big YES to this. People are confused with the first look they have on any of its jewelry pieces whether they are made up of real silver or something else.

But let me clear this, all authentic Pandora bracelets are made using real silver. To be specific, 925 sterling silver is what they use for their jewelry pieces.

Final Words-

Pandora is one of the largest jewelry makers. But giving a wide range of fancy collections brings a doubt in people’s minds about its authenticity with a question- is Pandora jewelry real or not?

We hope after this guide all your queries related to Pandora’s jewelry and its quality must have cleared. With listing some of its best jewelry pieces like Pandora sterling silver bracelets, rings, earrings, etc, we think the only confusion that you might be having right now is which design will suit me best. In case we left out anything, do let us know. 

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