How To Stop A Ring From Spinning

How To Stop A Ring From Spinning

Sometimes wedding rings cause inconvenience as they start spinning on the finger. You might experience pain with a spinning ring which can be annoying and frustrating. Before buying a ring, nothing about this is talked about specifically. You get to know about the problems with your ring once you buy it.

Whether you are purchasing a ring for your use or a gift, it starts spinning once you start using it and can make you uncomfortable. However, in this article, you will learn about the various methods of fixing your spinning ring temporarily or permanently.

These methods are low-priced and can be arranged by anyone. Here you will get both causes and solutions to make How To Stop A Ring From Spinning.

Causes Of The Spinning Ring

To solve your spinning ring’s problem, you need to get to the roots of the issues causing it. Sometimes the situation has only one cause, while it becomes pretty challenging to find where the exact problem lies at other times. It would be best to stay patient in solving the issues with your ring to keep stacked rings from spinning.

How To Stop A Ring From Spinning
How To Stop A Ring From Spinning

Big Ring:

The most common cause that makes your ring spin is that you might have purchased a ring of a bigger size. You can know how much bigger your ring size is if the ring slips off easily from your finger without even pulling it. A gap within your finger and the ring makes it confirmed that the ring wouldn’t fit in your finger.

You must purchase the ring from the store by giving it a try. This will help you notice the movements of your ring up and down and enable you to choose accordingly.

Knuckles Are Large With Thin Fingers:

Among other problems ring wearers face, large knuckles with delicate fingers are the common problem that causes the rings to start spinning. If you have a large knuckle, you might think of having a ring of a bigger size to go over the knuckle, but after that, the thin dimension of your finger makes the ring slide up and down.

On the other hand, if you buy a ring based on the measurements of your finger, there are chances that it may not go over the knuckle. When it comes to choosing the right size of your ring, then this is an important consideration. You need to make sure the size you choose allows the ring to go over the knuckle and make a perfect fit on your finger.

The Ring’s Setting Is Unbalanced:

A ring gets an unstable set using a gemstone on the thin ring band. You might be able to adjust the ring, but as a result of gravity, it makes the gemstone move. That results in the spinning of the ring. Rings of this kind are heavy at one end.

The other end must have a thick and broad base to make the ring hold on to your finger firmly without slipping and making your ring spin. It might not make your ring look the way you wished, but it will prevent future problems of spinning rings.

Fingers Swelled:

Sometimes, your fingers tend to swell during the day. Some changes are drastic, while others can be solved quickly. The swollen finger will make your finger half size than your ring bigger. That will cause problems in the fitting of your ring. You will find the marks of the ring on your finger after you can remove it.

Sometimes the cause of swollen fingers also lies in the changing seasons. Even any health issues can cause your finger size to get affected by swelling. This varying size causes your ring to spin, although the fault is not yours.

How Do You Keep Rings From Turning On Your Finger?
How To Stop A Ring From Spinning

Ways To Fix Your Ring From Spinning

If you purchase a ring for the first time, you are lucky that the solutions will help you select the perfect ring for your finger to prevent the D.I.Y. stop ring from spinning.

People who have already purchased the rings and are experiencing problems will be able to fix the issues on their own, whereas in some cases, you need to go to a professional expert.

Choose A Perfect Setting:

Choose a ring with a flat or square base externally. The internal base remains in the same rounded shape, making you feel like a regular ring when you wear it. You can add any design you wish to on the other parts of the ring. With the edges being square and thick, this prevents your ring from rotating.

If you have an oversized top or have a centre stone fitted, this modification helps maintain your ring. Although it might make you feel uneasy in the beginning, you get comfortable with the passing days.


Go through the correct list if you search for a temporary and inexpensive solution to make a ring smaller with thread. Get a tape of 3-inch size and roll it tightly. This will make the base of the ring thicker. It helps you to fix the gap between the finger and the ring.

However, this is a temporary fix and is useful whenever you need it. The tiring fact about this solution is that you will have to redo the process every day as the tapes will wear off with the daily usage. Your ring will slide off quickly as you take out your ring every day to tape it.

Noodle Ring Guard:

One of the temporary and readily available solutions is a plastic ring guard, which stops your ring from spinning. This is easy to attach and doesn’t affect your ring in any way. The primary advantage of using this solution is that it is much less costly than resizing the ring.

A ring guard is available in various sizes in the market, so you can opt for the perfect size to adjust your ring perfectly. The best point about this solution is that you don’t need to remove your ring to attach the noodle ring every time. A medical-grade plastic ring guard is available to avoid any allergic reaction.

Ways To Fix Your Ring From Spinning
Ways To Fix Your Ring From Spinning

Resizing Your Ring:

If you want to give a permanent solution to your spinning ring as the temporary solutions are hectic and time-consuming almost daily, resizing your ring is the best option. Although the resizing is costly, it will give you satisfaction and relieve you from the tension of your ring sliding off from the finger. For resizing, you need to go to a professional jeweller.

If you want to make the size smaller, they will cut a ring piece and give back the circular shape with a clean and polished look. This makes your ring look new again. You can keep in mind to keep the cut part as later on if you need to make the size more extensive, you can add that part that will help you pay less. Some types of rings cannot be resized; they are gold, tungsten as they are very costly.

Ring Size Beads:

A temporary solution to your spinning ring is the ring sizer beads. They are usually two tiny metal beads added by the jeweller inside the shank. This helps fill the gap between your finger and ring by gripping the inner portion of your finger and preventing any rotation.

The best thing is that you can take off the ring quickly, which is better than resizing. Although the negative side is that if your finger swells often, this might be uncomfortable for you.

Hinged Shank:

For people who worry about large knuckles and thin fingers, the solution for them lies with a hinged shank. A tiny hinge on the base helps you open and close it, which proves to be helpful to many people. You don’t have to slide over your knuckle every time you wear the hinged rings.

This modification is to be done by professional jewellers. They removed a portion of the regular shank and added the bottom part with a hinge. People with arthritis can quickly wear hinged rings for arthritic fingers specially made for fingers that swell due to arthritis.

Ring Addition:

One of the simplest and easiest ways to solve your slipping rings is by adding an extra ring on the top. Fitting the different ring tight can make the spinning ring stay in place. Although it will not be a permanent fix, yet it will attract the attention of the viewers. It is a quick and creative solution which you can avail yourself of by a jeweller.

Invisible Ring Adjuster:

Although it looks similar to the ring noodle or ring guards, it fits on the inner side of the base and makes it reduce the ring size by one or two less. You will get an adjuster to check whether the measure is fitting on your finger. You can add as many adjusters as you wish to give your ring the perfect shape and prevent it from spinning.


● How Do You Keep Rings From Turning On Your Finger?

Turning rings have been a headache to almost every ring wearer. You can’t work peacefully as your mind always lies on holding the ring in position. There are a lot of solutions to keep stacked rings from spinning. You can use tape, threads, noodle ring guards as a temporary solution.

The best permanent answer lies in buying the ring of perfect size firstly. If your ring is an old one, then the key is to resize the ring. Although it will cost you, it is the best permanent solution you can have.

Ways To Fix Your Ring From Spinning
How To Stop A Ring From Spinning

● Should A Ring Spin On Your Finger?

Do most people think about What does it mean when your ring turns around? Sometimes they remain confused about whether to solve the problem with the spinning ring or not. The answer is that if you don’t want your favourite ring to get lost due to getting loose by spinning.

Then you must fix the problem as soon as it starts to appear. Not only this, a spinning ring always makes you uncomfortable every time you try to fix it in place.

● How Can I Make My Ring Fit Tighter?

It would be best if you made your ring fit tight to keep it in position and avoid the chances of losing it. For making this happen, you can use a ring sizer. With your old ring that fits perfectly, you can check it in the ring size chart to make the same sized creative ring.

You can also try wrapping a string around your finger and take measurements with your scale to make perfect adjustments on How To Stop A Ring From Spinning This is the best idea if you are thinking of how to get a ring off with string.


This article is created for the common problem faced in an engagement ring or wedding band, which spins around your finger, making it annoying. The chances that you can lose your ring forever as it slides off the finger is increased, but the solutions will be your saviour.

The primary step in solving this problem is learning its root. It can either be a consequence of an unbalanced setting, swollen fingers, the ring being too big, or having large knuckles.

If you are thinking about How do I keep my rings from spinning without soldering? From here, you will get many temporary and permanent options that will help you hold the ring in place.

Although the temporary solutions serve as a temporary measure, we recommend finding a permanent solution. It can be by resizing the ring, a hinged shank, or a spring insert when you’re in a bind.

It would be best to have patience in solving your ring spinning problems. You will have peace of mind as your ring gets held tightly in place. That further helps you focus on showing off your jewellery instead of keeping it in place.

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