How To Make An Adjustable Bracelet?

How To Make An Adjustable Bracelet?

You learnt a new pattern out of crochets to make an artistic bracelet, and you are hanging over the question of how to make an adjustment bracelet. Well, I have got you the answer. You can make your bracelet adjustable by learning adjustable ties. 

Kids love creating memories with their own art. If you are looking for teaching your kid or simply searching out a tutorial on making an adjustable bracelet then this article is your solution. You can use adjustable ties or different types of loop knots.

The adjustable tie knots will make your bracelets reusable and you can wear your favourite ones innumerable times. The most simple and easy to make a tie knot is a sliding tie knot. You just need to practice a few times, and I’m sure you can master it easily. 

Things You Will Need

How to make an adjustable bracelet?

While crafting out any DIY jewellery at home, we surely need a few things to start with. If you are doubting about investing your money, then trust me it’s a good deal. To make adjustable bracelets you just need a few things.

Simple bracelets would cost you more than you invest and with a one-time investment, you can make many bracelets. Along with gifting the bracelets, you can also sell those if you wish to and thus you can earn as well. 

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1. Materials

So here’s a list of the materials you will need. 

Long waxed cords of your preferred colour. 

Beads with large holes.

Other decorative stones (Optional)

2. Tools

Measuring tape (even a scale would do good) 


A hook (you can use any other object like a paper clip) 

A lighter or a candle to secure the ends by burning it a bit

How To Make Beaded Bracelets With Adjustable Sliding Knots

There are typically two ways in which you can craft a beaded adjustable bracelet all by yourself. Method 1 demonstrates an adjustable bracelet with one sliding knot and Method 2 demonstrates an adjustable bracelet with two sliding knots.

Look at both of them, and decide which one is best for you. Make sure you read all the steps carefully and don’t skip any step. Misdoing or skipping any step may not give you the desired look of the bracelet. So let’s get started. 

Method – 1: How To Make Adjustable Bracelets With Single Knot

How to make an adjustable bracelet?

This bracelet has only one adjusting option: sliding the knot. 

Step 1: Preparing The Cord And Beading

Take the waxed cord of your favourite colour and wrap it in three to four rounds, around your wrist loosely. Measure the wrapped cord and cut it with the help of scissors.

Remember the measured length so that it will help you when you want to try again. Now select the beads and decorative stones that you want to have in the bracelet.

Full the cord with the beads almost half of your wrist’s length. You can increase or decrease the number of beads as per your choice. 

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Step 2: Overlap The Open Ends

Make sure you do this step carefully. Hold the cord in a ring shape and overlap both ends one above another. Make sure the ring formed here is slightly bigger than your actual wrist size and there is an equal length of cords on both sides of open ends. Hold the overlapped portion between your index finger and thumb. 

Step 3: Form A Loop Around The Finger Tip

Now, take one of the left cords of the open ends and form a loop around your index finger like a circle on your fingertip.

Now take the open end of the looped side and draw the cord under the bracelet ring. At this moment you can also use a hook or paper clip to draw the cord under the bracelet ring. 

Step 4: Form The 2nd Loop And A Knot

Repeat step no. 3 with the other cord as well. The only difference here is you don’t have to draw the open end of the initial loop under the bracelet ring, instead, take the open end and draw it through the loop from left direction to right direction forming a knot there. 

Step 5: Pull The Open Ends And Form The Sliding Knot

This is the final step, pull both the open ends simultaneously to secure the sliding knot perfectly. Once you secure the knot, you can adjust the bracelet as per your size, pull one of its ends to increase the size of the bracelet, and pull both ends to decrease it. However, make sure you pull it slowly, or else the open ends might come off.

To stop that, put knots at the extreme ends and burn the endpoints lightly with a help of a lighter or candle. This will help to stop the wearing of the cord. 

Method – 2: How To Make Adjustable Bracelet With Double Knot

How to make an adjustable bracelet?

The adjustable bracelet here will have double knots for adjusting it easily. It’s somewhat similar to the first adjustable bracelet and hence few of the steps may repeat here. So let’s get started with the tutorial then. 

Step 1: Measuring Cord, Beading, And 1st Knot

The step is similar to the bracelet with one adjustable knot. Measure the length of the waxed cord of your favourite colour around your wrist 3 times. Add the decorative beads and stones of your choice, adjust them and tie the first knot over your finger by overlapping both ends leaving equal length on both sides. The knot formed here will be between one of the open ends and its adjacent closed end. 

Step 2: The 2nd Knot

Now take the other end and form the second knot with its adjacent closed end. And tada your bracelet with adjustable double knots is ready. Easy to make, isn’t it? Practice a few times so that it becomes easy and fast for you. cut off the excess remaining ends with scissors and secure the ends with a lighter. 


Here are a few tips that will help you out. 

  • Use wooden beads or lightweight decorative stones that have big holes, so that the cords can pass through them easily. 
  • For smooth gliding of the adjustable knots, I recommend you use smooth cords like waxed cords or scoobie strings. 
  • Secure the knots of the open ends with a lighter to stop them from wearing off. Keep your safety as your priority. (In the case of Scoobie strings don’t burn them at all)
  • Always measure an extra length than required so that in case you fall short in the length, the extra length would compensate for the short length 

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