Tricksy Tip On How To Make A Necklace Shorter

How To Make A Necklace Shorter

It’s unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a nice necklace (though a teeny-tiny piece from Gucci certainly wouldn’t hurt our sentiments). Said, it should be able to elevate the look of any ensemble, regardless of how simple it can be.

Doing so might be challenging when it doesn’t seem quite right. Several different ensembles’ worst enemy is the necklace either too short or too lengthy. This annoying problem with the attachment, which can be solved in a very simple way. And nobody will notice if you keep the pins behind your neck since they will be hidden.

In this article, I will give you many approaches to condensing the length of a necklace and how to make a necklace shorter and make it a masterpiece for your stunning look.  

How To Shorten A Pearl Necklace?

If you wish to use longer strands of pearls or other beads, you may require a pearl shortener. A pearl shortener is an efficient technique to embellish long-strand pearl and bead necklaces. Ways to use a pearl shortener:

Snap shut the shortener to seal it and secure the necklaces in place. Once you accomplish this, you may make a 30″ necklace shorter or double-layered. It cinches two pearl necklace parts, providing a shorter, more attractive necklace.

How To Make A Necklace Shorter

The shortener is useful if you don’t want to wear the pearl necklace long or if you want to prevent wrapping it numerous times and having the strands become tangled. The shortener’s clasp allows you to create layered looks without tangling.

Long and simple pearl and bead necklaces work best with a shortener. Use a pearl shortener if you’ve always worn lengthy necklaces but suddenly want shorter ones.

How To Shorten A Chain Necklace?

Shortening necklaces has several benefits. It will be a fashionable necklace and versatile. Here are the ways to do it:

Shorten By Using A Stud:

If the only necklace that complements your outfit is too long for your neckline, you may temporarily shorten it. Remove the extra chain for now. Use a stud. Insert the earrings back into the extra chain you’ve acquired. Then you may spin the necklace to create a gorgeous design.

Folding Your Necklace :

Folding your necklace around your wrist momentarily shortens its length. Put the folds together with a safety pin or earring stud.

Go To Jewelers For Permanent Shorten:  

If you wish to shorten your necklace, see a jeweler permanently. Jewelers are experts in their profession and can create intricate jewelry. Just tell them the lengths you want to be cut off. They’ll take off that bit, reattach the clasp ends, and redesign your necklace. You may shorten your necklace at home using measuring tapes, scissors, and cutting tools.

Attach The Clasp Back, Which Is Precisely Marked As An Unnecessary Region After Cutting :

Snake chains, chains containing stones, and rope chains are difficult to shorten. When cut like conventional chains, they break apart and distort the pattern. To avoid this, shorten carefully. Once chopped, it’s gone. Mark and remove the unwanted area. Replace the damaged clasp to disguise the mark.

How To Make A Necklace Shorter

How To Style Shortened Necklaces And Bracelets?

The styling world is vast and limitless. When being distinct and unusual is valued in today’s environment, you may do anything for style and unwittingly start a trend.

  • Necklaces may decorate your collar, wrists, and ears, as said.
  • Use a snake or rope chain necklace as a bracelet. Fold it around your wrist to make a bangle.
  • Use a safety pin or earring stud to secure it. Make sure your hacking pin is tiny.
  • Layering short necklaces is another stylish option. Wear short necklaces with a basic dress with a deep neckline. Fold and coil a long necklace to stack it.
  • Pendant necklaces may be worn as elegant headbands. If you don’t want to wear the piece on your neckline, you may wrap it around your head. The DIY headband will give you a classic appearance akin to Egyptian queens.
  • You may carry a clutch or purse with a chain necklace. If you don’t want to carry a necklace but want to use the chain to match your clothing or clutch, you may fasten it along the clutch’s sides. Your handbag and jewelry will appear new.
  • You may wear a necklace as earrings, which may seem unusual. You may split a necklace in half to make long, beautiful earrings. If you like, you may insert them without cutting them.
  • You may take the two ends of the necklace and plug earring wires into them to make a stylish, distinctive earpiece.

Creativity has no bounds, so you may style your shorter earrings in any way. Wrapping it around your ring finger to produce a thick ring or wearing it around your neck will show your style and affection.


1.How do you make a chain shorter?

Attach the safety pin a few notches from the necklace’s closing. Snake chains, stone-studded chains, and rope chains are difficult to shorten. When cut like conventional chains, they break apart and distort the pattern. To avoid this, shorten carefully. Once chopped, it’s gone. Mark and remove the unwanted area. Replace the damaged clasp to disguise the mark.

2.How do you shorten a long bracelet?

When the jeweler has to shorten an item, all they have to do is measure how many inches need to be taken off of one section of the object. They take off that portion of the bracelet and reattach the clasp to the portion of the jewelry left after it has been cut shorter. Finally, they are finished.


Necklaces are great. No matter the length, studs, or features, they’re always worth the money since they boost your looks. You are free to cut them shorter if the length is a problem of yours. You will find many creative applications for them in the construction of bracelets and earrings. One necklace may generate 1,000 looks. You may trick folks into believing you’re wearing a new necklace by reinventing the same old one.

We hope you’ll make the most of your necklaces and not let them rust because they’re too long or have been used often.

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