Know About How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling 

How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling 

You can prevent your necklace from being tangled up by performing such steps as Combining short and long necklaces, Mixing the materials, Wearing chains of different weights and you must have a necklace spacer.

We all love to stack our necks with a bunch of gorgeous necklaces, but end up with a big tangled mess. Also, traveling with dainty pieces of jewelry like necklaces can turn out to be a daunting task.

It turns out, there are some simple yet effective ways to prevent the necklaces from intertwining, that can, in turn, save us so much time which we’ve spent trying to untangle the necklaces.

In this article, you will learn exactly how to keep necklaces from tangling not only while wearing them but also while packing them when traveling.

How To Prevent Necklaces From Tangling

Jewelry is considered a vital element that completes your overall outfit, and when you are leaving the house you want to look your best. But some tangled necklaces dangling around your neck can easily ruin the entire effort to look effortless.

Here are some tips for you to know keep your necklaces untangled –

  1. Smartly Combine short and long necklaces

For preventing your necklaces from getting all tangled up while you are wearing them, one of the best ways is to mix chains of different lengths – which means that you should pair the longer necklaces with the short ones.

The contrast between the lengths of necklaces will allow us to make sure they are not getting intertwined – quite simple, right!

  1. Mix the materials

This one’s also an easy and effective tip – just pick the chains and necklaces made of different materials.

For example, you will have to combine a pearl or beads necklace with a one made of metal, as it is far better than sticking pairing beads with beads or metal with metal.

How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling 

Just remember, you must ensure that each piece is complimenting the other one and is not looking too random.

  1. Wear chains of different weights

Quite similar to the first tip, combining the necklaces of different lengths, it is suggested to mix pieces of different weights, too. It means – you will not just stack put together only the thin necklaces on top of each other or wear just the heavy ones, for that matter.

Rather, properly balance out the overall weight by combining a thin lightweight chain necklace with one which contains a heavy pendant. The varying weight will help in ensuring each one is staying in place without getting tangled up with each other.

  1. Purchase a necklace spacer

Last but not the least, if all of the previous tips are feeling like too much work for you, then just buy a necklace detangler – which will allow you to put on up to four necklaces all at once, while not worrying about them getting all tangled.

How To Pack Necklaces When Traveling

While traveling, packing and keeping jewelry properly organized without creating a total tangled mess is a real challenge. It is why many of us either leave our favorite pieces at home or just struggle to separate the tangled ones.

However, it does not have to be this way, as a bit of creative thinking and resourcefulness can help in developing several ways for packing and traveling jewelry while decreasing the risk of damage.

Here are some easy and resourceful solutions which will allow you to pack your necklaces properly, and keep them untangled during traveling.

  1. Utilize Travel jewelry box and/or Roll Organizer

If you travel frequently and want to pack multiple pieces of expensive jewelry, then you must invest in a travel jewelry box or roll organizer, or even both.

These boxes consist of multiple compartments designed for holding particular types of jewelry. And the soft jewelry rolls are ideal to keep your dainty necklaces properly organized when traveling.

Most of the travel jewelry boxes can be locked, and the rolls come with a protective cloth, which ensures extra protection of your precious jewelry.

  1. Utilize Pill Case Organizer

Tiny and delicate pieces of jewelry tend to get lost when traveling. To prevent this, an effective way is to store them in daily pill cases.

You can purchase these plastic pill cases online or from any local drug store. It will allow you to keep your jewelry in separate compartments, hence preventing you from getting tangled.

  1. Utilize Straws

Other than helping to drink your favorite beverage, straws can help you in packing your necklaces when traveling, as well. And, it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways.

You will just require to loop one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp.

It will help you in keeping the necklaces separate, which will prevent them from intertwining when traveling.

  1. Utilize Hangers

Due to the small-sized compartments, you may not be able to pack the large and heavy statement necklaces in the pill case or travel jewelry roll; however, you can utilize the foldable hangers.

It’s a cheap and effective way to keep your necklaces from tangling when traveling.

Just wrap the necklaces around the hangers and put them in any compartment of your luggage.

How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling 
  1. Utilize Plastic Wrap

Plastic wraps are another useful item to keep the necklaces tangle-free.

All you have to do is to lay out a necklace on a piece of plastic wrap, wrap both ends inwards, and seal. Just pull apart the wrap when you are willing to wear the necklace. Simple, right!

It is an effective way of utilizing a general kitchen item for keeping your necklaces from intertwining in the luggage.

  1. Utilize a Washcloth

In case you are not willing to invest in a jewelry roll, you can just be a bit creative and resourceful and make your own jewelry roll utilizing a simple washcloth.

Just place your jewelry on a spare washcloth, carefully roll it lengthwise, and lastly, fold it in half.

Remember to secure both ends with rubber bands thus the necklaces cannot slip out.

  1. Utilize Ziploc Bags

Another regular household item that can be utilized resourcefully to pack your necklaces when traveling is the Ziploc bag.

Just put the necklaces in separate ziplock bags, zip up the bags, and pack them in the luggage.

  1. Utilize Toilet Paper Rolls

Although a bit unconventional, an ordinary toilet paper cardboard roll can be used for holding your jewelry, in several ways.

You can just clamp the bracelets and bangles around the roll, pin earrings in the roll, and also, thread your necklaces through the cylinder and fasten them to secure.

Don’t forget to properly wipe the rolls before using them, and make sure to keep them on the top of the packed luggage to prevent from crushing them.

DIY Hack To Keep Necklaces Tanglefree

To Sum Up

Pieces of jewelry like necklaces play a significant role in accentuating your entire look. However, many of you might have avoided wearing your favorite necklaces due to the hassle of detangling them and the fear of damaging them in the process.

Hence, this article has mentioned multiple ways to keep your necklaces tangle-free.

So, as now you know how to keep necklaces from tangling, take out and pair your favorite necklaces with the outfits of your choice, and don’t forget to utilize the tips.

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