Does Brass Turn Your Skin Green?

Does Brass Turn Your Skin Green?

Are you trying to find the reason why your jewelry is leaving green marks on your skin? Well, if you’re wearing jewelry made of brass, then there are good chances it’s the cause. The brass jewelry has copper and bronze metal in it. It’s because of the copper which is more likely to turn your skin color into green.

The chances of your skin turning green because of the brass jewelry will increase if you come in contact with water, so we can say that it’s totally not fit to wear in a routine.

These green marks are not painful or harmful but they are just the oxidation of the metal and will go away within a few hours after removing the jewelry. Wearing rings made of brass on a hot day can increase the chances of green marks because of sweating.

But to save your day from these green marks you can wear a thin coating of clear nail polish so that your skin does not come in direct contact with the brass jewelry.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Brass Jewelry?

Brass jewelry is a part of our culture.  But before selecting jewelry we always wonder if they have any harmful effects on the skin or some of the positive sides of using it.

So here we will present brass jewelry pros and cons so that it can become a little easier for you to decide.

Here’s a list of pros of using brass jewelry.

  • People mostly use brass jewelry in the first place because it has a glowing resemblance to yellow gold but costs only a fraction of yellow gold. Its yellowish time adds sophistication, value and prestige.
  • It’s much cheaper and inexpensive. Till date, it is one of the most leading affordable metals that is found in abundance. Its buyers can easily afford beautiful pieces of ornaments made of brass without worrying much about its cost.
  • Brass is a metal which is very much known for its durability and it’s textile strength. It’s  weight and heft further adds to the feature of durability which provides us with the surety that it will last longer.
  • It has excellent malleability and does not get bent or folded easily which assure us with its great workability.
  • It is resistant to corrosion so you can use it daily without thinking twice.
  • It can be  cleaned and maintained without much arrangements. We just need to use some warm water and little soap and you could see it shining like a new piece of jewelry.

Here Is A List Of Cons Of Using Brass Jewelry:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Brass Jewelry?
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Brass Jewelry?
  • As it is not a hypoallergenic metal, people with a sensitive skin can face discoloration and irritation.
  • Depending upon the alloys, the jewelry may change its original color with constant and regular use. It’s mainly due to the copper content in it.

Does Gold Plated Brass Jewelry Tarnish?

If you’re wondering, does gold-plated brass tarnish? Then to answer your question, yes it tarnishes with constant use. Every gold-plated jewelry item has metal underneath its gold plate so with constant use the gold-plated base gets tarnished but the gold plate does make the piece of ornament stronger and less likely to get bent.

Eventually, with heavy and constant use and regular contact with water, sweat, the metal would eventually transfer its molecules into thin layers causing the gold plate to crack or shatter. So it would require polishing.

How To Get Rid Of Green Skin From Jewelry?

The alloy mixture in the jewelry that reacts with the acids on your skin causes discoloration of the skin but it is not permanent but can be really frustrating. It can be easily removed using techniques and chemicals. Here we present you with some tips to follow.

  • You can rub alcohol on your skin over  the green residue to remove it quickly.
  • You can even use makeup remover.
  • You can also use liquid soap which has alcohol content in it.

How To Stop Jewelry From Turning Skin Green?

The green marks on the skin can be really frustrating if you’re wearing metal jewelry on a regular basis. The metal in the jewelry reacts with our skin acids and sometimes with the body lotion to cause discoloration.

If you’re looking for tips to prevent the discoloration of skin from using metal jewelry, you can try the following steps.

  • You can minimize the time of wearing metal jewelry.
  • It’s better to get the jewelry rhodium plated which not prevent the direct contact of the metal with your skin but also increase the lifespan of the piece of ornament.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry that causes discoloration on your skin when it’s a very hot day as perspiration is another main reason why the metal gets oxidized with your skin.
  • You can also take some time out to clean your jewelry more often to remove soap, lotions that might cling to it and cause it to get discolored.
  • Avoid swimming with your metal jewelry on as the chlorine in the water and the metal can react to produce intense reactions on the skin.
How To Stop Jewelry From Turning Skin Green?
How To Stop Jewelry From Turning Skin Green?

What Kind Of Metal Turns Your Skin Green?

The metal copper is most likely to turn your skin green. The metal jewelry that we use regularly contains high quantity metal so that the ornament can be more durable.

Even jewelry that has nickel content turns your skin green with constant and overtime use of that piece of ornament.

Now if you’re wondering, will sterling silver turn your finger green, the answer is yes.

Although sterling silver is a precious metal and has been used for making gorgeous jewelry from ancient times, the jewelry made of sterling silver also contains at least 7.5 percent of copper in it which results in the discoloration of fingers.

Is It Bad To Wear Brass Earrings?

Brass jewelry and earrings are not very safe to use daily as they can cause flare-up allergies and it is more likely to cause discoloration of the skin as the metal reacts heavily with the acids on skin, lotion, sweat. It can cause redness, itching when they are in use for a long period of time

Brass can also cause blisters on sensitive skin and can get even worse if not treated properly.

If you have any pre-existing breathing problems or lung issues, it is more likely to flare up.

How To Tell The Difference Between Brass And Gold?

Both brass and gold have a yellow tone but to identify them requires slightly more knowledge about their qualities. Here’s how you can tell the difference between the two metals.

  • The yellow color tone of the golden ornament is much shinier than the brass jewelry. The yellowish tone of the brass jewelry is slightly dull.
  • Rusting is another quality which can point out the difference. Gold is never susceptible to tarnishing. But brass shows rust and stain.
  • Brass has a high level of oxidation reaction and causes discoloration of skin but gold does not have any oxidation reaction.
  • Brass is much cheaper than gold and is much more affordable. The expensive rates of gold is what pushes the customers to buy cheaper alternatives.

Does Bronze Turn Your Skin Green?

Bronze jewelry also contains copper alloys that can turn greens after reacting with moisture. The discoloration happens because of the close proximity of skin to the piece of bronze ornaments.

Jewelry Tarnish?
Does Gold Plated Brass Jewelry Tarnish?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does brass jewelry last?

If taken proper care of, the bronze and brass jewelry can even last for decades. But if they’re worn regularly for a long period of time, they are more likely to get discolored and faded. So that will require further polishing.

  • How can I take care of my brass jewelry?

You can clean it after every use to prevent oxidation reaction with sweat and moisture. You can also use transparent nail polish to coat the inner part of the brass rings.

Use lacquer to coat all your brass jewelry so that it can be prevented from tarnishing.

  • Can I use brass jewelry everyday?

As brass is rust and corrosion resistant, you can use it for regular wear.

  • Is gold plated brass good for jewelry?

Although the gold plate prevents the shine of the ornament from fading and helps make it last longer, with time it also gets starched and chipped.

To Wrap It:

Brass jewelry has been popular for years. They are used for making beautiful pieces of ornaments for some very good reasons. The gold and yellow hue of this metal is a reason why it’s an alternative for gold jewelry.¬†

But still, it’s vital to know that brass jewelry does turn skin green and often leaves green marks on the finger after wearing it a couple of times. But there are ways to prevent or avoid it.

He hopes you’ll find the above tips useful.

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