Why Promise Rings Are Bad?

Why Promise Rings Are Bad

Today I’ll be talking about a very interesting topic. Guess what it is? Never mind, let me tell you, I’ll be talking about Promise rings for boyfriend and girlfriend.

Many of you might actually know the meaning of the promise ring and Why promise rings are bad? yet, some may be unaware of why it’s there and some might have little knowledge about it. So let’s learn the promise ring and browse through some queries regarding the same.

The ring means several things but usually, it means the exchange of promise among the couple, it means they love each other deeply, and that they are committed to each other.

So, at the end of this, you’ll have more to talk about on the promise ring for Boyfriend and Girlfriend. These matching rings are exchanged by a couple and during the engagement or before the engagement.

What Is A Promise Ring Mean From A Boyfriend?

An open relationship maintains balance on both sides and you won’t have to face any problems. Inform her that you live here a lot and are ready to commit to her.

And in case, you plan to marry her you should let her learn the truth. Even if you are doubtful just let her know and do not lie be loyal every time.

what is a promise ring mean from a boyfriend
what is a promise ring mean from a boyfriend?

There are some other situations you must know that may not be appreciated by your girlfriend.

If you are at an age around 25, she wouldn’t want you to give her a promise ring but to marry her. So, tread carefully during that time on what to do and how to give your girlfriend a promise ring.

Do Guys Wear Promise Rings?

It might seem very unusual to hear a girl giving a promise ring to a boy. However, there are no norms saying that a girl cannot offer a promise ring.

Earlier, it was the men who used to give the ring, however, that has changed and now it can be another way around. Many girls might be pleased to do so.

Girls may also feel the same way as the men’s while handing over the ring to the loved one. For those who wish to celebrate their relationship, boyfriend and girlfriend promise rings are good as well as a beautiful way to do so.

People have evolved on wearing jewelry a lot nowadays. Men don’t hesitate to wear such beautiful jewelry. These are better than those earlier marriage bands. Men nowadays, wear several fancy jewelry unlike before.

However, do you know how do promise rings work? No, right? Well, it’s because many don’t consider a promise ring as a pre-engagement ring and you wouldn’t want to expend too much on a promise ring if it’s going to be superseded by an engagement ring. So, think carefully about what you want and what you’re doing.

You should choose a ring that is not too expensive while selecting a men’s ring. You could go for a material such as titanium, tungsten, as well as ceramic. There are several rings available that have some message inscribed on them.

r Promise Rings?
r Promise Rings?

So, you could also go for one of those. Moreover, many believe that they are not as significant as the engagement ring is. Even you will find people who don’t even know where does a promise ring goes.

But before talking about its final stand, let’s first have a look at on-

What Hand Does A Promise Ring Go On?

Again, there is no tradition regarding what hand does the promise ring goes on.

However, many people believe that if the couple is yet to be wedded, they are supposed to wear it on the left hand while subsequent to the marriage they may wear it on the right hand. This is followed by many.

While wearing it on the ring finger is a superstition that is followed since ancient times. 

Additional Ways of Wearing a Promise Ring:

If none of the options mentioned above suits you, you could wear it on any of the fingers as you wish. You may as well wear a bracelet or a pendant, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a promise ring. 

Sometimes, the couple comes across a situation where they wonder if they are ready for marriage yet or are yet to decide if they should marry each other, however, the couple are committed to each other. They may show this commitment by giving this ring.

In some instances, the couple is not agreed by their respective family.

couple ring
couple ring

So, what they do is they just commit to each other by exchanging promise rings and so sometimes they are considered to be bad. But they aren’t actually bad. Everybody has a different opinion and one should respect that.

In case, you are an eager romantic lover and are reckoning the promise ring and the way it pleases the couple and strengthens the bond among them.

Some people hesitate on doing to thinking that this might be naive and consult a friend and pull off the idea of offering a promise ring. 

If you discover yourself in this situation, you’ll be happy to learn that this will be helping you through to glance at some promise rings, as well as if there is an age boundary correlated with the promise rings.

Even if the promise ring is just a piece of jewelry given by a person to his/her partner as a sign of love.

It does not necessarily represent forever love between the couple and the truth that both may be wedded one day.

Hence, in case you aren’t certain on how much time you should hold on prior to you delivering the love indicating promise ring to your lady, it may be okay to say that there is no definite time for you to give a promise ring to your lover.

Even if, you feel that it is time that you give a promise ring to your lover, yet the odds of getting refused are also present even if there is a minor chance of refusal, so this implies that you must be pretty strong while doing so. There must be enough transparency between you too.

boyfriend and girlfriend
boyfriend and girlfriend

That said, remember that even when the time feels right, there’s always the risk of refusal, which means that you should only choose to take this path if you are courageous.

Also, transparency is important in your relationship. If you are not into promise rings but your girlfriend is, mention it to her.

A promise ring is a very fancy tradition of offering a ring to a person by his or her lover. It is to be worn by the partner on the ring finger of the left hand as said earlier while the engagement ring is on the right hand.

While there are people who are not prepared to be engaged or bonding with someone by something like that. This promise ring thing is a new thing but is being followed for a long time as said.


1. What is a Promise Ring mean by a Boyfriend?

It means that the couple is a part of a comfortable connection with each other and they are never to part from each other.

And for all these reasons, the ring is also popularly known as a pre-engagement ring. While the promise ring is meant to be pretty serious, so work accordingly.

2. What finger does a promise ring go on?

There is no conventional way to wear a promise ring. It is more of a personal choice and depends on the person. An individual has several options to opt-out of.

Ring Finger of Left hand

As said earlier, promise rings are ways to exchange promises among the couple as well as commit to each other. Many consider the promise ring to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

While, subsequent to the engagement, the same can be worn on any different finger. Ensure if the ring can be altered in the coming time in case the finger of the other hand is of a different size.

Ring Finger of the Right Hand

Wearing the promise ring on the right hand is an advantage in itself. If you wear it on the right hand, it will leave your left hand prepared for the engagement ring.

ow to give your girlfriend a promise ring
ow to give your girlfriend a promise ring

Moreover, this may as well solve the problem regarding the resizing of the promise ring. Also, it may prevent some unwanted queries regarding if the couple is engaged or not.  

3. Why are promise rings dumb?

Giving promise rings has been a tradition. It’s been going on for a long time. Some may think of this as something that is silly. But, many feel so happy by doing so and show how much they love their partner. And, so this isn’t wrong or what some might call it dumb.

4. What age is appropriate for a promise ring?

Let me tell you that, there isn’t any proper or wrong time to give a promise ring. You are not bound to any age restriction to do so.

However, what is important is that you must talk to your partner regarding this topic and both must conclude on the same point on whether it is the right thing to do or it isn’t.

The couple should be aware that you are doing this as an indication of the affection and love towards each other and you are ready till you both get engaged and bound together forever (if you wish to do so).

5. Is a Promise Ring bad luck?

For some people, promise rings are considered as an indication of bad luck, whereas the promise ring is thought of as an indication of someone’s love towards you.

And if you are confused How serious is a promise ring? Then let us make you aware of the fact that it’s like an indication of a solid commitment. However, it is just a sign of love and adores towards the loved one. So, it isn’t bad luck after all.

6. How to give your girlfriend a promise ring?

Well, there is no definite way of giving a promise ring to your lady love, you can give it in any way. Nothing is correct or incorrect while doing so.

However, the process may differ for each and every couple. The very first step I recommend is to openly let her know why chose to purchase her a beautiful promise ring.


Do we hope that you are now clear Why promise rings are bad? and have more knowledge about the tradition unlike before.

Also, all your queries related to this are now cleared and might have decided what to do and maybe thinking of offering a promise that your bae.

A promise ring for the boyfriend and girlfriend is like a symbol of trust and dedication. It’s a wise decision to offer a promise ring in a relationship to make your bond strong.

And in any case, if you are still perplexed, kindly post the doubts in a comment and let me know. We will be trying to help you with more information such as this.

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