What you wear tells a lot about your personality. In that respect, wristwatches play a very vital role in the fashion industry. With many different brands of watch companies around, our choice can really make us stand out.

 But men’s timepieces dominating the world of watches, women’s watches get ignored or take a backseat in the industry. 

There is no denying that the sale of men’s watches is more than that of women. But over the decades, this ideology has changed. 

Women have become more concerned about their outlook and needs and with the increasing number of women designers in our country. And hence, the watch business is now stealing a lot of fame in the fashion industry.


A watch can become a strong detail to a woman’s style. It increases her self-worth and confidence. It adds to your appearance and style. 

That watch helps to perfect any look, no matter if it’s a professional look, traditional look or casual look. Also, it gives a perception of a person being organised and responsible 

Here’s a complete guide on how to style women’s watch in a right and elegant form in 5 ways so that picking up a watch for an outfit is no more a complicated task for all the women out there:

Sticking to Tradition

Traditional women’s watches display a very sophisticated and elegant look. A thin strap on the wrist pulls out the simplicity in a watch. These thin straps go with casual as well as outdoor wear dresses. These straps also add a graceful detail to the outfit.

Dial Size

A watch company usually designs women watches smaller in size than men. Although small faces (display) highlight a unique womanly appeal, if your style permits a large face watch, one can go for it. Another thing worth considering is the glass. There are 3 of them, but the sapphire crystal proves the best.

Design and materials

Women wristwatches should contain (be) classy and gleaming designs that can pull out the whole outfit. The material of the watch says a lot, whether it is metallic, ceramic, stainless steel, titanium etc. Many watch companies make (design) watches with mixed materials (blend too. 

A sleek design paired with comfortable material gives it a glamorous vibe

Best for your skin tone

Just like every other accessory, a watch should also be chosen and styled according to one’s skin tone. It enhances the look tremendously and matches the skin shade amazingly. Rose Gold watches are best for tanned skin people while stainless steel watches for cool skin people.

Way of movement

Without a good movement, the watch loses its glamour.  Although Swiss movements are superior, one can consider quartz movement which shows the accurate time and also is less expensive than mechanical movements.

In the end

A wristwatch is a must for creating a memorable image of yourself and a lasting impression on others. Your choice towards the watch says much about your perception towards fashion and yourself too! An ideal watch will perfect your everyday style and your fashion statement.

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