What distinguishes flygirlsofcambridge content? 

When our team meets to discuss content ideas, we imagine what it would be like to gather the most creative, fashionable, and intelligent women we know for dinner at a new hot place in town. 

What do you discuss? What do you have in common? What do you discover? 

One friend discusses her continuing battle with postpartum depression, another discusses her plans to host Thanksgiving alone, another recommends a must-have eyebrow pencil, and yet another gives you a sneak peek at a designer’s new line of gauzy gowns she’s considering for her wedding. You leave with a million notes on your phone and an overflowing head of ideas.

In a nutshell, flygirlsofcambridge  is one of the leading online sites for women’s lifestyle content, consistently winning content creation honors in the areas of lifestyle, cuisine, travel, craft, and family.


Austin D’souza

Austin is a founder of flygirlsofcambridge.She has done master’s in literature. Besides this, she loves blogging too. Austin has a beautiful perspective on women’s living hence she decided to create flygirlsofcambridge.

Our team was so taken by the technology used to crawl and index online data that we decided to develop a robust web search mechanism for companies. For example, one that enables businesses to monitor what their customers are saying about them throughout the web: on news sites, blogs, forums, and social media? What if we could do all of this in real-time?

Individuals of all ages, we believe, may benefit from articles since it is the most effective way to modify and improve cognitive processes. It is conceivable that mastering the art of gameplay would surprise and thrill your brain and give you a sense of accomplishment. As a result, we will continue to offer interesting and unique concepts on the site, as well as comprehensive explanations for each of these concepts.

Today, our income has increased by over 800 percent in only one year. We’ve been featured in some of the industry’s most prestigious magazines. We serve over 6,000 clients worldwide, ranging from small local companies and startups to global brands. And we’ve just just begun.